As of January 2017, me and my friend Alex are delighted to be running Common Goals, a not-for-profit project which works with bands to raise money and awareness for a whole range of charities!

Check out our website here:

How it works:

We ask your (and our!) favourite bands to design a lovely (and exclusive) t-shirt for us, we then sell them and donate all the profits to a charity of their choice. Your favourite bands, their favourite charities!

Our Objectives:

• To raise money for a diverse selection of charities directly through the sale of t‐shirts designed by a range of musicians.

• To raise awareness of charity organisations; inspiring and encouraging young music fans to gain knowledge of not only the charities, but also their root cause.

• To raise the profiles of the bands we love who share the same ideals and principles as Common Goals.

Who we are:

Common Goals was co-founded in 2012 by Jack Hyde and Nathan Maker. In January 2017 it was handed over to be run by Alex Hall and Jim Atherton, who also run the Exeter based DIY Punk collective, 'No Seatbelt DIY'.

Alex started up 'No Seatbelt DIY' in November 2014, and has been putting on shows, promoting, releasing compilations and writing zines ever since.

Jim runs a DIY record label in Exeter, 'Circle House Records', founded in 2016. Jim joined No Seatbelt DIY in 2015.

Jack has been part of the UK D.I.Y scene for the best part of 10 years, playing in such bands as Kids Return, and The Cut Ups (and countless more!). He has also made numerous music videos with his own brand of stop-motion animation.

jack hyde animations

Nath co-runs No Guts No Glory - an Exeter based shop and community with a D.I.Y and eco-friendly ethos. Since 2009 NGNG has offered a platform for local & national artists, creating an outlet for their work and designing awesome organic tees!

no guts no glory

About the shirts we use:

As well as donating to, and raising awareness of various charities, Common Goals also intend to raise awareness of other causes as well; a huge one of them being the ethical and environmentally responsible production of clothing. We feel that it would be wrong to simply source the cheapest possible garments in order to give a little more to the selected charities, as this would be like condoning the suffering and poor ethical standards in one part of the world in order to provide a little more support for a cause closer to home.

Anvil are a clothing manufacturer who are very active in being as environmentally and corporately responsible as possible, producing garments made from organically grown cottons that don’t use any toxic chemical treatments which can pollute the surrounding environment for the wildlife and the local inhabitants. They also treat their employees very fairly and honestly, building houses and communities with improved facilities.

We intend to promote the fact that we opt for a sustainable sourceof clothing, and also show that is doesn’t cost the earth to think about it a little; our garments are still well within the price range of those of profit-driven organisations, and the quality is far superior as a result of using organic and natural materials.

Where does your money go?

With every band shirt we sell we take £7.50 to cover the cost of the shirt & printing (May 2015 -we have just upgraded to sustainable Stanley Stella shirts so there has been a price increase for our new shirts, the older £15 shirts we take £5 to cover the costs), we use this to pay for reprints of the design and to get new band designs printed and then the remaining £10 goes straight to the charity chosen by the band!

With the Common Goals own logo shirt we take £5 to cover the cost of the shirt & printing but the remaining £10 goes towards paying for the printing of the next band design. So once we sell enough of these we can ask a new band to design a shirt for us. Simple.