Singaporean record label 'Canopus Distro' stock now in! Emo/skramz/hardcore etc...

Posted on November 25th, 2017

We're really happy to have a load of stock in from Singaporean independent record label 'Canopus Distro' - they release and stock records by some brilliant indie, emo, skramz and hardcore bands from Asia and Europe. It's also exciting that they will be stocking some of our releases over there too! Here's some information about the records we've got from them, have a listen and hopefully you'll discover a new band you love from halfway across the world...

Terrible People - Smoking Man

TP are an indie emo quartet from Singapore, this their debut EP full of fuzzy and dissonant sounds - FFO: Prawn, Football Etc, Pity Sex, Nai Harvest

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Xingfoo&Roy - 10 Dating Tips For The Spineless Youth Addicted To Pornography

Another Singaporean band, uptempo and mathy/twinkly emo with punchy vocal melodies - FFO: Dads, Drawstring, Algernon Cadwallader, Hindsights

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Impression Year - D(EMO)

Heavy and fast screamo hardcore from Malaysia - FFO: Saetia, Youth Funeral, I Hate Sex, Oathbreaker

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Rangka -S/T

Short lived but incredibly intense screamo band with members hailing from both Germany and Singapore - FFO: Raein, Tristan Tzara, Suis La Lune, Loma Pieta

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Sans Visage - Demos

Japanese hardcore, skramzy and fast yet capable of delicate emotional intricate moments with lovely guitar leads - FFO: I Hate Myself, The Saddest Landscape, Touche Amore, Old Gray

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Port Du Havre - Discografia

Instrumental experimental post-rock from Madrid, Spain - FFO: Brutus, Chiyoda Ku, Converge, The Chariot

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