Phaedra's Love - Let Me Think This Way CHOR008


Debut EP from Jordan White, AKA Phaedra's Love. Written following the break-up of SPLITSVILLE in late 2016 and recorded on a cloudy day with Dom Wright at The Ranch Production House in Southampton in March 2017. Jordan channels JULIEN BAKER and ELLIOTT SMITH with his sweet minimalist guitar style and sometimes soft and melodic vocals, which he contrasts with aggressive and grating screams which resemble that of Jeremy Bolm from TOUCHE AMORE or other punk bands like early RAR-era AGAINST ME!

This EP is available on blue cassette which also features a cassette-only bonus track of a cover of 'Boys Don't Cry' by The Cure. The artwork for each cassette is hand drawn and coloured.

You can also buy a copy of a zine written by Jordan which discusses his personal mental health struggle, failures of the NHS under a Tory government and shares techniques of self-help and mindfulness. Each zine is handwritten, individual, unique and is drawn and written on a tissue which juxtaposes invisible illness.

The EP is out on the 9 June and will begin shipping in advance of then.

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